Tuthmosis I
1504-1492 BC

"Tutmose's father goes completely unrecorded, while his mother is simply identified as the "King's Mother", but never the King's Daughter or Wife, Seniseneb. As Seniseneb is a relatively common early 18th Dynasty name, it has not been possible to trace the lady's parents.

Tuthmosis I and first wife Mutnofret had four sons. Mutnofret was never queen of Egypt, because she died before her husband became heir to the throne, but one of her sons ruled as Tuthmosis II. Mutnofret was the daughter of Amenhotep I.

His wife Queen Ahmose's parentage is nowhere recorded. Ahmose claims the title "King's Sister." The obvious implication of her titulary is that she was the sister or half-sister of Thutmose I, they must have married after Thutmose became heir to Amenhotep I.

Ahmose bore her husband two daughters, Hatshepsut and Neferubity. Neferubity appears on the wall of Hatshepsut's Deir el Bahari mortuary temple wearing a diadem decorated with rosettes, then vanishes, it is assumed that she died young."
-- Joyce Tyldesley, Queens of Egypt, 2006