Stela of Prince Taktidamani
(140-155 AD)

Found: Meroe, West Cemetery, Pyramid Bg. W. 18 (Lepsius 1844)

Beneath a winged sun-disk, the deceased stands on the left with a palm branch and lotus blossom before Osiris and the winged Isis. The lines of cursive Meroitic text below begin with an appeal to the gods. "O Isis, O Osiris, Taktidamani, whom Dokarora begot born of Amaniterese, good bread may . . . become . . . may . . . become, O Isis, O Osiris" (Widung 1997: 284).

The supposition that Taktidamani was a member of the royal family is based only on his costume and headband; his garb is similar to that of "Prince" Tedeqen and to the crown prince of the Cairo group statue. (Wenig 1978: 199).


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