Copy of an incised drawing of King Shorkaror conquering his enemies with the help of a god,
Gebel Qeili, Meroitic Period, 20-30 AD.

Shorkaror was the third son of Natakamani and Amanitore and the only one to become king.

This is carved into the cliff of Gebel Qeili in the Butana, a work that must be regarded as belonging to official art. The scene includes a god with a halo and nimbus, two details appropriated from the sacred iconography of Classical antiquity. Of special importance, however, is the representation of the king's enemies, who are pictured as falling from a cliff. The liveliness with which the figures are depicted and the graphic manner in which the dislocation of limbs is shown are unparalleled in the Meroitic Period. (Africa in Antiquity, p. 81, 1978.)
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