Tomb Wall of Seti I
Prince Amenkhepeshet
          Pharaoh Seti I
         Family Tree, 19th Dynasty
Queen Nefertari
Seti I

Egyptian Pharaoh, ruling from 1314 to 1304 BCE (starting one year earlier as a coregent with his father Ramses I), during the 19th dynasty.

King Ramses II
Son & Daughter In-Law
Father & Mother
King Ramses I
Queen Sitre
Seti's First Wife
Queen Tuya
Ancient Africa
19th Dynasty:

Seti I, the first of the line of warriors who turned all efforts toward recovering Egypt's prestige aboard. As soon as Seti I came to the throne, he faced serious danger from a coalition of Syrian city-states encouraged, and even sustained, by the Hittites. He was able to defeat the coalition and enable Egypt to regain control over Palestine. After repulsing a Libyan attack, we find Seti once again in northern Syria where Egyptian troops came into contact with the Hittites for the first time. He captured Kadesh but though the Hittites were forced to retire temporarily they retained their influence in northern Syria. The war was continued by his son Ramses II.


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Seti I

Giovanni Battista Belzoni. Illustrative Plates 

Belzoni was in Egypt from 1815 to 1819, where he succeeded in opening one of the two famous pyramids of Giza as well as several tombs of the kings at Thebes, his greatest find being that of Seti I.


G. Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia. London: John Murray, 1822
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