Pronounced Noot - Daughter of Shu and Tefnut - detities of air and moisture. Nut, goddess of heavens & sky; consort of Geb. God of the primal waters. Nut united with her brother the earth god Geb, in a tight and passionate embrace until separated by Shu ('air') on the orders of Ra. Ra was annoyed because Geb and Nut had come together without his knowledge or agreement. Expecting that there would be a natural result of their affection, he declared that Nut could not give birth to children on any day of any month of any year. The god Thoth came to Nut's help.

He had been playing draughts with the moon and he had won enough of the moon's light to make up five new days. Since these days were not on the official calendar, Nut was able to bear a child on each. She gave life to Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephythys, and Horus the Elder. Nut is represented as a slim-limbed girl; supported only on the tips of her fingers and toes, she arches over the fallen body of Geb, who sprawls with limbs awry and phallus erect. Nut is supported by the god Shu in some representations, and her star-spangled belly forms a canopy for the earth.

When Ra decided to go away and have nothing to do with men, he rose to the heavens on the back of Nut who had taken on the form of a cow. Nut grew rapidly to such an enormous height that it was feared her legs would snap, so to each leg was appointed a god whose duty was to stiffen and strengthen it. Nut arches over the earth morning from between her thighs.
The Goddess Nut
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Reference: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, by Richard H. Wilkinson, Thames & Hudson (2003) , pp. 160-163
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