Queen Aqaluqa as Isis Nursing

This bronze statuette of a queen, with the Solar-Hathor crown, as goddess Isis nursing, presumably depicts Queen Aqaluqa.

From the general style, we know that this statuette is from the 25th Dynasty. The queen is not clearly identifiable beyond appearing of Nubian descent. The child, however, exhibits very distinctive features which are specific of the iconography of King Taharqa of Dynasty 25 as an adult. It should be no surprise that the child resembles the king as an adult in such statuettes, as they were of necessity commissioned long after the child had grown up. If the child shown here is indeed Taharqa, then the mother is Queen Aqaluqa, wife of King Piankhi (Piye). Her cartouche is known from the Temple of Taharqa at Gebel Barqal, where she is shown behind her son.