Bronze, electrum, traces of gilding; H. 27.7 cm,
W. 15.9 cm, Th. 3.5 cm

From Buhen, temple area in the Middle Kingdom fort New Kingdom, Eighteenth Dynasty, 1400 B.C.
Khartoum, National Museum 18595

The small female figure which forms the handle wears a conical headdress into which the mirror's disk is inserted. She holds a small cat in her raised left hand. Around her hips is a diagonally striped belt, and the frontal areas of both upper thighs show tattoos inlaid with electrum. Earrings of gold probably once filled the holes drilled in the earlobes. The mirror was most likely dedicated as a votive offering in the temple of Buhen.
From the book Sudan: Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile, Dietrich Wildung, 1997, p. 132