King Atlanersa
Boat stand of King Atlanersa
Napatan Period
reign of Atlanersa, 653–643 B.C.
Granite gneiss

From Gebel Barkal, temple of Atlanersa and Senkamanisken

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Gebel Barkal, temple B 703, Sudan
Boat stand of King Atlanersa
Nubian, Napatan Period, reign of Atlanersa, 653–643 B.C.
Pedestal for the sacred bark of Amun installed by King Atlanersa in Temple B 703 at Gebel Barkal, Napatan Period.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Number 23.728
19th century drawing of a now destroyed relief scene on the inner face of the pylon of Temple B 700 begun by King Atlanersa, Napatan Period, 653-643 B.C., at Gebel Barkal (by Major Orlando Felix, from a manuscript of Lord Prudhoe, 1829).

Temple reliefs later than Dynasty XXV have almost totally disappeared. This drawing is of interest chiefly because it reproduce portraits of queens, who all wear a headdress consisting of one or more topknots, a coiffure that also occurs on a Kushite stela of Dynasty XXV (Habachi 1977) and reappears in somewhat different form in the Meroitic Period. [Africa in Antiquity, vol. II, p. 57-58, 1978]