25th Dynasty
The evidence for writing the biography for Kashta, Alara's successor, is in some respects more complete, although the equivocal nature of the evidence precludes one from definitively identifying him as either a brother or cousin of his predecessor Alara. During the course of his reign, Kashta (in the period around 746 B.C.E.) enlarged his kingdom to include all of Lower Nubia as far as its border with Egypt at Aswan. Here at Elephantine Kashta erected a stela in which he referred to himself as "the king of Upper and Lower Egypt", like Alara before him, he continued to expand the sanctuary of Amun at Gebel Barkal and is suggested by some scholars to have been the first to have taken up his royal residence in Napata. Kashta was buried in el-Kurru in Tomb 8, which is 3 meters in size larger than any earlier funerary monument in the necropolis and is closer in its design to Egyptian models than earlier sepulchers.

By Egyptologist Robert Steven Bianchi, Ph.D.
Daily Life of the Nubians, Greenwood Press, Oct. 2004, p. 155