Ancient Nubia Women

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A Nubian Princess in her ox-chariot, from the Eqyptian Tomb of Huy, 1320 B.C.
Ancient Africa's Black Kingdoms
This gold bracelet, ornamented with the seated figure of the goddess Hathor, was placed in the tomb of a Nubian queen of the first century B.C.  The sequence of ancient civilizations that flourished in Nubia, a region of Africa, began thousands of years before her time, as early as 6000 B.C.

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Ancient Africa
Stela of Queen Amanishaketo

The temple of Amon (1st cent. BC/1st cent. AD). Hypostyle Hall.

Relief representing the queen and a divine partner, the Nubian lion god Apademak

The history and treasures of this Nubian queen.
The Role of Women in Ancient Nubia
Nubian Egyptian Queen
18th Dynasty (1570-1505 BC)

Artifact from the Louvre Museum.
The faces of Ahmos-Nefertari.
Queen Aqaluqa as Isis Nursing

This bronze statuette of a queen, with the Solar-Hathor crown, as goddess Isis nursing, presumably depicts Queen Aqaluqa.

Nubians in Ancient Egypt
Modern Nubian Village
Ancient Africa's Black Kingdoms
Ancient Africa
Click on picture to see photos on the tomb walls of Huy, viceroy of Nubia
The Goddess Hathor

1320-1200 B.C.
18th Dynasty