Queen Khenemet-Nefer-Hedjet "the Great"

Twelfth Dynasty, reigns of Sesostris II and Sesostris III, 1870-1860 BC

Wife of Sesostris II, mother of Sesostris III.

The surface of the seat was left smooth, except for four lines of text in front of the feet, which can be translated as follows: "An offering given by the king and Hathor, mistress of the sycamore, consisting of a going forth of voice with bread, beer, oxen, poultry, alabaster, fabrics, all things good and pure with which a god exists..." For the noble, full of grace, full of praise, gentle in love, adorned by Khnum, infant of Wadjet... "For whom we do all that is spoken, the spouse of the king, his beloved, Khenemet-Nefer-Hedjet the Great, may she live forever."

Only one queen bore this full name: the wife of Sesostris II, who was also mother of Sesostris III. The adjective "Weret" meaning "the Great" or "the Elder," was a way by which contemporaries could distinguish her from another queen with the same name from the same family. This queen would have been called "the Little" or "the Younger." -- Louvre  Museum
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