1860 Census Report of Merced California
Early Merced family Alfred and Susan Wilson
Alfred Wilson was mentioned in an exhibit "Ghost Towns of Merced County."  A subsequent booklet of the exhibit features a photograph of Alfred's hilltop grave near the ghost town of Gwin, California. The tombstone states that Alfred Wilson was born in 1818 and died in 1863. The photographer had to use a jeep to reach the hilltop where the grave is located.

Photo courtesy of The Merced County Courthouse Museum.

A history of Merced County, California: With a biographical review of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth ... from the early days to the present, by John Outcalt
Publisher: Historic Record Co (1925)
903 pages
ASIN: B000881VH0

Page 129: The Assessment roll for 1857

At page 137

Alfred Wilson: 160 acres land, being the Southwest Qr. of Sec. 17, Township 7 south, range 16 east, situated on Miles Creek, valued at $200; improvements, $400; 4 work horses, $240; 3 colts, $35; 600 bushels barley, $450; 1 wagon (the handwriting is still the same, the spelling is reformed), $50; money on hand, $100; 2 guns, $10; house hold & K. Furniture, $20; an uspecified item, $160; total, $1635.

Page 89:

Since Merced County was created and organized in 1855, the first federal census we have on it is that of 1860. We have already seen, in the chapter on the assessment roll of 1857, where the probable population of the county at the time of organization is discussed, that the county's population by this census of 1860 was 1141. In the chapter mentioned we saw that the 1857 assessment roll gave 277 assessments, and on this basis, counting 5 populations for every 2 assessments, we arrived at an estimated population of 692, or approximately 700 for the spring of 1857, just three years before the census of 1860 was taken.

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Susan Wilson, wife of Alfred, lived to be 102, and lived in the care of her granddaughter Martha Wysinger Quinn of Oakland.
The California Land Patents Database contains the following information for each land transaction: date, location (township, range, section, meridian), name of person the land was patented to, case type, conveyance type, county, case number and the patent document identification number.  National Archives at the following address: Reference Branch (Lands), National Archives, Washington, DC 20408

MD        0070S     0160E  017       580     1862/10/01   WILSON ALFRED

Source file: http://files.usgwarchives.org/ca/merced/land/merced.txt

First showed up in Oakland in 1892: In the Husted's Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley Directory 1892, Susan, page 287, living with her grandsons page 284, at 802 Alice Street, Oakland, California.

Mountain View Cemetery, 5000 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, California

Plot 53 Grave 85
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Colorful History of Merced County
Exhibit Opening: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - January 29, 2012
From 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m

Opening on October 6, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Colorful History of Merced County” will be the newest exhibit of the Merced County Courthouse Museum. It will explore little known history of Merced County from before the County’s inception in 1855 to the present day. Some highlights of the exhibit include the whereabouts of Joaquin Murrieta, the Snelling Wild West shoot-out, the legacy of freed slaves, avenging the honor of Rowena Steele, the Livingston connection of the Dalton Gang, the 1906 earthquake, the bootlegging affair, the 1931 fatal school bus accident, the heroic polio fights, and the underworld of vice king-Rusty Doan. At the opening reception on Thursday, October 6, Charlie Galatro will give a PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Heroes or Villains: Joaquin Murrieta and the Dalton Gang” at 6:00pm.


This is part of the new exhibit at the Merced County Courthouse Museum. The opening of the exhibit attracted a large crowd to the three-room presentation.

This is another related portion of the new exhibit. This features two other pioneer Merced County families, Quivers and Rodgers.